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Every month there will be new features and information about the Loughborough Estate, including upcoming events and activities as well as useful information for all residents.

COVID-19 ( Coronavirus)

Dear Resident(s)

Please refer to the information pasted on all our notice boards across the estate regarding Coronavirus and how to protect yourself from being infected and/or passing it to someone else.

The UK Government has advised everybody to improve their personal hygiene, self-isolate if you display any of the symptoms. We are to carry out essential travels if absolutely necessary and avoid contact with others.

Pregnant women, those aged over 70 and people with certain health conditions have been advised to stay at home pending further directives from the government.

As you know, LEMB takes the health and safety of its employees and residents very seriously and the importance of continuity in service provision at this period of uncertainty is very crucial to the board.

We aim to continue supporting our residents, without putting the health and safety of our employees and you in danger.

There is a greater need for the board to follow the advice of the government and make certain changes to the way we deliver our services at this time.

Based on the increase of the number of people infected with the virus and the rate of increase to which Coronavirus is spreading around the globe and the UK in particular, the housing office will be closed to staff, residents and visitors from Wednesday 18 March 2020 until further notice.

We will encourage you to please use our generic inbox which is for service request.

We ask that you remain patient during this difficult period and will advise residents to please listen to the news as we are all to protect ourselves from the pandemic.

We have had to cancel appointments and home visits. For emergency requests, the following managers have been placed on duty as follows:

Lloyd Lewis (Housing Services Manager) – any housing services, rent and service charges related matters – (0775 722 1251)

Ade Adams (Asset Manager) – any repairs related matters – (0772 211 4239)

Scott Omo-Idahosa – any concierge related matters – (0775 722 1241)

Daniel Oladipo (supporting the asset manager) – any repairs related matters – (0748 492 0072)


Vulnerable and Elderly Residents

We are currently delivering essential packs to our elderly and vulnerable residents who require support at this time.

LEMB has set up Covid-19 Assistance Group comprising of some board members, staff and residents. 

Apart from the above, we have set up a telephone Welfare Check System to contact our elderly and vulnerable residents to check on their welfare to see if they require advice and/or support.


Loughborough estate is a closely-knit community and please let us check on our neighbours while preventing touching one another and maintaining social distance as advised by the government. If you have any concerns regarding any of your neighbours displaying the symptoms, please contact any of the managers.


If you wish to join the group, please contact any of the managers.”

If you require any assistance and not elderly or vulnerable, please contact any of the managers and your situation will be assessed.

Emergency Repairs for Tenants

We will be providing an emergency repairs service ONLY for the following repairs:

  • Uncontrollable leak (communal burst pipe falls under Lambeth Council)
  • Victim of crime and your property needs to be secured
  • Blocked toilet where there is only one toilet in the property
  • Gas leak (National Grid emergency helpline 0800 1 1 1 999)
  • Annual gas service
  • Loss of power in the whole property


Repairs not on the list will not be attended to but recorded and planned when it is safe to attend to.

Lambeth is still in charge of our Out of Hours Repairs Service from 5 pm Monday to Friday and inclusive of weekend except gas breakdown and servicing. Their number is 0207 926 6666.

Boiler Breakdown & Gas Servicing

For any boiler related repairs service, please contact the following gas engineers:

Dammy – 0748 492 0075

Mohammed – 0748 492 0074

Freeholders and Leaseholders

Freeholders and leaseholders who wish to access our emergency repairs service should please contact any of the managers.

LEMB has introduced a screening system for attending repairs and working in your property. Let us know without any delay if:

  • you or any of your household is suffering from Cold or FIu like symptoms.
  • you or any of your household is self-isolating.
  • you or any of your household has been diagnosed with or suffers from Coronavirus

Rent and Service Charge Payments

  • Rent and service charge payments remain payable.

    Please contact Babs Nola, Senior Revenue Officer on 0775 722 1256 if you wish to make payment towards your rent or service charge and he will guide you on how to do this. You may also wish to make payment by using your debit and credit card hotline on 020 8290 2086 which is available 24/7. You will need your 9-digit payment reference. Over the internet at Leaseholders are advised to contact Babs Nola directly to make service charge payment. As previously advised, this is to differentiate from major works and service charge payment.

Parcel Delivery & Collection

We will not be able to collect and deliver your parcels at this time. Can you please make alternative arrangement with the parcel company or Royal Mail regarding delivery.


Community Activities & Events


LEMB residents’ activities and events suspended until further notice. These activities include Wednesday Senior Citizens Club, Breakfast & After School Club, IT Use &Training at the Loughborough Community IT Resource Centre, Saturday Coffee Morning and Drop Ins including all events in the community centres.

Welfare benefits

Please contact Lambeth Housing Benefit & Council Tax Department on 0345 302 2312 if there is a change in your circumstances during this period.

Other useful telephone numbers are:

Universal Credit telephone 08003285644

DWP telephone 08007317898 or 08007310469

Keeping the Estate Clean

The cleaning service is not affected and thanks to all our residents who have contacted us verbally and in writing to appreciate the improvement made so far regarding cleaning on the estate.

We want to remind all our residents to please help us to keep the estate clean by:

  1. disposing of your waste in the correct manner
  2. use the facilities provided
  3. have consideration for your neighbours and the cleaners
  4. reporting incidents to Pius Izebere, Interim Cleaning Supervisor, on 07940 185379

Refuse and bulk collections

The refuse and bulk collections are not affected at this time and will continue.

For more information on coronavirus visit;

LEMB will provide updates on services as the advice changes.

Let us all protect ourselves and stay healthy as prevention is better than cure.

It is better to be safe than be sorry.


Yours faithfully


Peter Shorinwa

Chair LEMB

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